World leading travel magazine listed Šibenik as number one place to visit in the world. Conde Nast Traveller listed Šibenik and Kornati island as a best place to visit in august.

Šibenik, with Kornati island and Obonjan found them self on the list in front of popular tourist destination like Zakynthos, Amsterdam and Dublin.

Croatia, believe it or not, is still actually an option, even though its picture-perfect medieval cities and extraordinary coastline welcomed 20 million visitors last year. And one sometimes suspects that all 20 million turn up in August, when those straight-out-of-a-fantasy-novel fortified towns are bursting at the seams.

Obonjan Island Photo📸

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Thank heavens, then, for Obonjan. This wellness retreat from the team behind the Hideout festival, sprawling across a private island of the same name, got off to a shaky start when it launched in 2016. But the kinks have been completely ironed out, and guests are guaranteed a tempting mix of yoga classes, chill-out music and glamping.

Credit: Foto iz zraka

Spare some time as well for Šibenik, a short speedboat ride away: a major historic city and a lovely labyrinth of chalk-white stone.

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Credit: National Park Kornati

A day’s sailing around the Kornati Islands – unpopulated idylls given over to vineyards, orchards, and little else – also supplies some much-needed mellow.

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