Watch Maksim Mrvica “Game of Thrones” filmed at St. Nicholas Fortress


World famous piano player Maksim Mrvica released a new video for “Game of Thrones” filmed at spectacular UNESCO protected St. Nicholas fortress in Šibenik, Maksim’s home town.
It is very symbolic because Šibenik was one of the locations where “Game of Thrones” was filmed. Most of the scenes for GOT city Braavos was filmed in Maksim’s Šibenik.

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In this video Maksim with his performance awakes the ancient Slavic pagan gods. The five goods appearing the video: Svarog, Vesna, Crnobog, Morana and Radogost.

Maksim Mrvica is the most famous Croatian pianist and crossover musician who has made his world career. Maksim is born in Šibenik and comes from otok Žirje in Šibenik achipelago.

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He has achieved the greatest popularity in the Far East. He has sold about four million CDs worldwide in 57 countries. In 2004, he recorded his first very successful album, “The Piano Player”, which achieved platinum release in both Croatia and the Middle East, a double platinum release in Hong Kong, and a gold one in China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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Maksim’s success encompasses more than just the classical music world, reaching a diverse audience. His work has been included on the official album of Olympic Games and has garnered an MTV award for best debut crossover album of the year, as well as having gotten over 120 million hits on YouTube.

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