Top 7 Things To Do In Šibenik


Šibenik has been touted as one of pearls of Croatia. Once industrial city today is living the rebirth as one of the best location to spend your holiday in Croatia. Lots of history combined with amazing nature. Once you arrive in our beautiful town there is a lot of things to to and see but we selected top 7 things to do in Šibenik during your stay.

7. Visit Medieval Mediteranean Garden

Medieval Mediteranean Garden in Šibenik

On seventh place, things to do in Šibenik list, is Medieval Mediteranean Garden. It is located in old part of Šibenik. This place is perfect to grab a coffee or beer while surrounded with hundreds of beautiful and exotic plants and trees. A unique place where you will be surrounded by nature while being in the old part of the city Šibenik.

6. Visit Barone Fortress (Price – 7€)

Barone Fortress In Šibenik
PHOTO © Kristiana Lucca Photography

Recently renovated fort gives you the ultimate view to the whole city. Besides breathtaking panorama, you can also experience battles trough AR headset. AR is charged extra but it is cool to see it. Ticket price is ~7€ (50kn) and it includes pass for Barone and St. Michael’s fortress.

5. St. John’s Fortress (Free of charge)

Game of thrones Šibenik St. Ivan Fort

St. John’s fortress is one of the places in Šibenik where Game of thrones was filmed. It is still waiting for renovation (and it’s free of charge). It is the highest fortress in Sibenik wich makes the view of the city even more amazing.

4. St. Michael’s Fortress (Price – 7€)

Saint Michaels Fort in Šibenik

This fortress was recently renovated and crowned with a unique open stage on top of it. It provides stunning view of St. James Cathedral and surrounding islands of Šibenik archipelago. Underground facilities such as old wells complete the experience to the fullest.

3. St. Nicola’s Fortress (130kn)

St. Nicolas Fort Šibenik
Top 7 things to do in Šibenik / St. Nichoas fortress

One of the most fascinating forts has recently been included to the UNESCO’s world heritage list. In the 2019 tourism season St Nicholas’ Fortress in the significant landscape Channel-Port in Šibenik opens its doors to visitors. For the time being, due to demanding restoration and conservation works, it is only possible to visit St Nicholas’ Fortress if you take a boat trip organized by the Public Institution Nature of the Šibenik-Knin County.

The trip begins at the Šibenik waterfront according to the predetermined boat schedule and timetable, from a berth called Krka to St Nicholas’ Fortress and it will take about twenty minutes. While sailing through the St Anthony’s Channel, visitors will have the opportunity to see some historical and natural sights of part of the significant landscape Channel-Port in Šibenik. Visits to St Nicholas’ Fortress will normally take about 45 minutes. Ticket price is 130kn.

Online tickets: https://www.kanal-svetog-ante.com/en/ticket-purchasing

The ticket price includes boat transfer, admission to the fortress, a tour escort aboard the boat and during the visit to the fortress, visit to St Nicholas’ Fortress with the use of multimedia guides.

2. Wander through the streets of old town (Free of charge)

Streets of Šibenik
Photo by Roland Parnaud

Šibenik has so many streets you can get lost in. Wandering trough a maze of six centuries old stone-tiled streets you can find all sort of hidden gems that are waiting to be explored.

  1. The Cathedral of St James in Sibenik (Price – 4€)

St. James Cathedral in Šibenik

Crown jewel of Šibenik is Saint James Cathedral, also on UNESCO’s world heritage list. It has been built for over 100 years. Besides it’s obvious architectural and religious importance, this location will thrill lovers of GOT too. City of Braavos? Yep, that’s Šibenik, one of the most memorable scenes (no spoilers!) was filmed at the square between the cathedral and the City hall.

Šibenik as city of Braavos In Game Of Thrones

Finnaly, if you are looking for some adventure, while exploring our beautiful city, clik HERE to book your perfect expiriance.

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