Top 5 Places To Visit In Šibenik For Free


If you will be visiting  this picturesque little city any soon, these are the Top 5 places to visit in Šibenik that won’t cost you a dime.

5. Four Wells

Hidden only few meters away from famous St. James’ cathedral, Four Wells used to be a public town cistern that was built during the Middle Ages. Nowadays, it is a terrace and a stage that hosts numerous cultural events.

zeljko zeljkov 4 bunara
Photo: Željko Željkov

4. Dražen Petrović’ Monument

Right in front of the hall where one of the greatest European NBA players of all time did his first basketball steps, there is a stunning monument made by Croatian artist Kazimir Hraste, representing Drazen while resting between hard trainings he pushed himself to.

drazen petrovic Sibenik In
Photo: Šibenik In

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3. Beach Banj

The sound of waves and seagulls, warm sun and crystal clear Adriatic Sea, with a unique view of the old medieval town – what else could you wish for? Definitely one of the better places to visit in Šibenik if you are looking a good selfie spot.

2. St. Anthony’ Channel Walkway

This walking and cycling path extends through the coast of a narrow sea entrance to Šibenik. It is 4.4 km long, and all the way you will have an exclusive view to Šibenik, the channel, St. Nicholas’ fortress (included in UNESCO‘s World Heritage Site List!) and the surrounding islands.

1. Streets of Old Town

Sightseeing of old Sibenik is a stunning architectural experience. In a maze of medieval narrow alleys and historical buildings, you’ll simply enjoy getting lost between small shops, palaces and restaurants with cute little terraces. St James’ Cathedral and St. Michael’s fortress are the icing on the cake.

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