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With one eye on the the quality of life for it’s local inhabitants and the other on future growth of tourism, Knin continues to expand it’s already impressive trail system. On Saturday January 30th the bridge across the Orašnica stream, a short distance before it joins the Krka River, was installed linking the the town of Knin to the new trail that follows the Krka River some 3 km to it’s source, a small cavern at the base of the most impressive Krčić waterfall. I consider the trail to be the crown jewel of Knin’s trails. A fitting term for a town known as the “City of Kings” and now furthermore, as the “land of seven streams”. The trail was originally supposed to be finished by October 2020 but as well all know Covid-19 has effected everything in our lives. It was paid for mostly by grants from the EU as part of the European Regional Development Fund. 85% of the 5.8 million kuna project or 4.9 million kuna to be more precise.

Bike trail bridge
Seting up the bridge on new trail PHOTO © Marijana Marjanica Wilde

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New bike and walking trail map

The trail will be finished by February 22nd and is slated for opening around the first week in April. They are now installing numerous picnic tables and benches along the route. New tress are also being planted along the promenade to enhance the beauty and provide shade in the hot summer months. There are so many photo ops along the path with views of the fortress and town as well as the Dinara mountain, Croatia’s tallest peak.

Trail bike knin
PHOTO © Marijana Marjanica Wilde

One you shouldn’t miss is the ruins of Kapitul where the ruins of the ramparts can still be seen above ground. This site is one of the most important ones of Croatian national archeology and history. It is where the very first archeological dig was done in Croatia which started in 1885. It is located near the railroad trestle where the Italian gun implacements from World War II can still be seen.

Part of map Kapitul
Map of Kapitul

According to Marko Sonobad, Knin’s Advisor and Conceravator for the Ministry of Culture, Kapitul was a military camp and veteran settlement in the Roman period in the 1st century AD. In the early middle ages it was a benedictine monastery and in 13th century (1203) St. Barthlmew, the cathdral of Knin’s Bishop, was built there. In 2010 Marko Sinobad supervised a re-excavation of the Kapitul site, which was last explored 80 years ago, and found there was much more of the original church of St, Bartholomew from 1203 than previously thought lying below the ruins of the Italian barracks from World War II. The dig in now covered again.

Fortress of Knin
Fortress of Knin

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St. Bartholomew artist redering
St. Bartholomew artist redering

Knin continues to expand it’s offering for people to come and explore from all over the world. An area so very rich in natural beauty and ancient sites to explore, especially the 9th century fortress, the largest in Croatia and second largest military fortification in all of Europe. This is one case where size does matter as you can spend hours exploring the nooks and crannies with numerous meadows and structures. It once housed three separate villages. Knin has plans for many more trails so keep posted here at www.likesibenik.com for updates on new and exciting adventures to be had in and around Knin.

Cover PHOTO © Marijana Marjanica Wilde

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