Here are the photos of Šibenik taken by Šibenik photographer Željko Željkov.

St. James Cathedral

St. James Cathedral is one of the two Unesco world heritage sites in Šibenik, and simbol of the city. St. Jacob’s Cathedral was inducted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

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Streets of Šibenik

Charming streets of sibenik will leave you breathless. With 24 churches and six monasteries, Šibenik has lot to offer for all arhitecture and history lovers

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Šibenik Squares

Each of Šibenik squares has specific historical story. Today Šibenik squares are perfect stages for different events, especially during International Children’s Festival.

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Šibenik Coastline

Beautiful Šibenik coastline and many likeable details along the shore will make you explore more and more.

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Here are some more photos of this great photographer.

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