Why Sibenik has Become a Hugely Popular Wedding Destination


Did you know that the Sibenik area has been a vastly popular wedding destination lately? It’s no wonder, as it is a natural, medieval scenery full of historical and cultural venues. Lately, a lot of foreigners come to picturesque Šibenik to get married too. But it’s very complex and hard work to organize any wedding, especially one in another country, and this is where wedding agencies step in. We talked with wedding planners from Sibenik weddings agency, which specialized in planning, organization and coordination of weddings in Sibenik-Knin County, that offers its services in unique locations such as fortresses, beautiful beaches, gardens, etc. 

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Fortress Wedding Ceremony / Šibenik /Studio XO

Tell us a bit about your agency and the services you provide to the customers. 

We are two local women who share passion and love for the beauties of their home town and event organization, which we consider a winning combination – we organize weddings and promote the beauties of Sibenik at the same time. Sibenik has so much to offer, we love bringing it closer to our clients and creating the best possible experience for the biggest day of their lives. We are support and intermediaries to our clients who are unfamiliar with the details of event organization, especially for those who live abroad. The trust that clients gain in us is most important to us. Our job, besides choosing the best locations and services for them, is to make sure that the newlyweds don’t feel stressed about their wedding, so when necessary, we do literally everything for them.  

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St.James Cathedral / Šibenik / Studio XO

Which locations are the most popular among your customers? 

Šibenik-Knin county luckily offers plenty of stunning outdoor locations and those are most wanted, of course. The wedding can be organized as a one-location event, with ceremony and dinner venue in one place. For the wedding ceremony, besides Sibenik fortresses and the cathedral of St. James, beach wedding ceremonies are very popular, of course. We often get inquiries for gardens or olive groves, and venues built in traditional Dalmatian stone – the locations that are characteristic of the Mediterranean region and usable for the wedding purpose. Regarding the wedding dinner, the most common requests are for exotic outdoor locations, as well as some more conventional venues such as wedding halls, hotels, indoor restaurants, etc. 

Do your customers choose the locations themselves or they ask you for suggestions? 

Being in this line of business for years and years, we have learned that there are many true lovers of our area, who have visited Sibenik once (or many times) and have a huge desire to get married here. Most of them have fallen in love with a particular location and already have a vision of getting married there, but they are not sure how and where to start planning the wedding, where to have a wedding dinner later, etc. For example, a lot of people from all over the world come to Šibenik to see the UNESCO Cathedral of St. James and some of them want to get married there.  

Some of them just like the area and the idea to get married by the sea and provide an unforgettable holiday for their guests. In this case, the clients always give us guidelines that we follow and try to fulfill. The most important thing is that we listen to our clients’ wishes and offer them a combination of services that are customized to become their dream wedding

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Traditional Dalmatian Venue / Ivan Buvinić

Can you point out some specific wishes of the newlyweds, which Sibenik has to offer? 

Island weddings have become a special attraction lately, even if it’s a land wedding. A boat ride to the location and back (especially if the route is via the Sibenik channel with stunning views of the old city and its archipelago) provides a unique, memorable experience both for the newlyweds and their guests. Another example of a very common wish is to get married on the pebble island beach during the sunset. We arrange the boat, catering, seating, decorations, and every other little detail that makes each wedding different and special. We make sure that everything goes smoothly so we don’t miss the “golden hour” and their wedding can look perfect, just like in the movies. We are constantly discovering new romantic locations and matching them with wonderful couples – that’s the beauty of creating a love story in the Sibenik region. 

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