Šibenik Area Trough the Eyes of Šime Modrić


Šime Modrić is a talented photographer that currently lives and works in Zagreb. Šime is known on Instagram as @simon_cerulean with over 3500 followers. Šime was showing interest in photography at the beginning of 2000’s as a student of Movie Academy in Vienna. He was studying movie production as a student of famous Austrian director Michael Haneke.

Sarena lakes Šime Modric
Šarena Lakes

When Šime returned to Croatia he begins to show more interest in photography and discovers that photography is much more suitable and gives him more pleasure. Simplicity of the process in photography is what has attracted Šime to photography, where the path from planning and execution is much shorter. Also as a photographer he can be his own screenwriter, producer, cameraman and director. Production of a movie can take months and in most cases years, production of a photography can take happened almost instantly and that what drawn Šime to photography.

St. Nicolas Unesco Fort
St. Nicolas Fortress

Nature is constant inspiration and Šime believes that bond with nature is unbreakable and every aspect of human interaction must have some kind of connection with nature. From nature come all ideal of beauty what can be seen in almost every aspect of Art. On Šime’s instagram profile under name @simon_cerulan he posts photographs from places that he visits in his free time or in between work. Travel and landscape photography is something he does for his personal pleasure and love for the nature.

Krka National Park
Krka National Park

It is not hard to find untactful nature in Croatia

Šime has photos from all over Croatia, but one of his favorite places is Šibenik -knin county. 2 National parks and 1 nature park says a lot of abundance of nature within the area. Šime finds his inspiration in beautiful coat numerous Islands and of course cities. City of Šibenik is a special inspiration to Šime. Rich history, unique position and rich culture keeps surprising and inspiring Šime. Every time he visits Šibenik, he discover something new. As he spends part of the year in Zadar he always explores different locations in the surroundings. Šibenik knin county is packed with unique locations and is within grasp of hand. He is sure he will keep exploring beautiful Šibenik area.

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