Famous Stjepan Hauser Performed Breathtaking Concert at Krka Waterfalls

Famous Croatian chello player Stjepan Hauser performed special birthday performance at stunning Krka National Park, Croatia. Celebrate with him alongside the most beautiful music and breathtaking surroundings.

Track list:

00:10 Rachmaninov 2nd Piano Concerto

04:59 Swan Lake

07:53 The Nutcracker Suite

12:12 Song From A Secret Garden

15:43 River Flows In You

18:42 The Lonely Shepherd

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Watch Beautiful Primošten From Above

Once an island, Primošten connected to the main land in 16-th century. Stunning beaches, beautiful landscape and cristal clean blue lagoon makes Primošten “must see” if you are visiting Croatia.

Take a swim at Mala and Velika Raduča beach or just take a walk through magical old streets of Primošten to get the feeling that you are in another dimension.

This pittoresque place is located in Šibenik-Knin county only 25 minutes drive from center of Šibenik.

If you are looking for adventure in our beautiful area, check here.

Watch this beautiful video and imagine you are there.

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Hollywood star Goran Višnjić: I see Šibenik being one of the most precious gems of Adriatic!

Most famous Croatian actor, Šibenik’s born Goran Višnjić even though he has been living in USA for quite some time and recently moved to UK, uses every moment to visit his hometown Šibenik, Croatia. In fact the reason to move in Europe was to be closer to his family in Croatia. We asked Goran to pick his favorite vacation and family spots in Šibenik-Knin Area.

What’s your favorite place to relax with your family in Šibenik-Knin area?

Well, to be perfectly honest, it’s Žaborić… peace, quiet, and familiarity of the place I spent my childhood at is unbeatable for someone coming from such a busy place as Los Angeles. But what I’d recommend and what’s my favorite spot in the vicinity of Šibenik is NP Krka! That place is just unbelievably beautiful and calming and special. Winters there are mild and with not too many visitors and summers are full of other surprises like swimming and being able to go really close to the park straight from the Adriatic Sea with your own boat. And there are so many great restaurants, we stopped at @konobavidrovaca last time we were around and it was fabulous…

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Goran Višnjić at Krka National Park

How do you see development of Šibenik’s tourism over last couple years?

Last few years I’ve seen a huge advancement in Šibenik tourism… Talking about many beautiful boutique hotels and accommodations in the old town, or the punch the new hotels in Solaris and Mandalina brought to the aria the advancement is huge. Maybe I’m coming over just once or twice a year so changes for me seem to be bigger but I think not… The tour operators around the city are picking up quite nicely and exploring all the beautiful surroundings of the city in a really interesting and respectful way and things like #setnicaukanalusvante definitely are bringing the whole picture up on some interesting level we’ve never seen before. I think we are going in a really good direction. With all the fortresses being rebuilt and literally fortified into museums I see Šibenik being one of the most precious gems of Adriatic!

St. Nicolas Fort Šibenik
St. Nicolas Fort Šibenik and promenade in the St Anthony’s Channel

What places would you recommend for first time visitors in Šibenik Knin area?

Omg… that last question is not fair…?!

So, so much to recommend…!

I’d start with… of course the one and only St Jakob cathedral… and spending time in the old city, just exploring and taking my time to see all the little details on the buildings, churches and palaces… so much to see…

St. Jacob cathedral šibenik

And then, I’d go to St Nicholas fort in the St Ante channel and onwards to Kornati! But there’s so much to see inland too.  The city of Knin with the magnificent fortress and the Krka River spring, Skradin, Primosten, all the little towns and islands around the city…

kninska tvrdava muzej
Fortress of Knin

I really don’t want to be impartial here but I honestly believe the Šibenik area is the most beautiful part of Croatia.

I know I’m from there, and I sound too local patriotic but just trust me on this one, ok…? 😊

Watch Impresive Knin Fortress in 4K

Knin fortress is the second largest military fortification in Europe, with impressive defensive walls, approximately 2 kilometers long.

This impressive military fortification is located in stunning Šibenik-Knin county only 45 minutes drive from center of Šibenik, and only 20min drive form Krka National Park.

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Knin with his specific location, betwen the tallest mountain in Croatia (Dinara) and the source of the river Krka (waterfall Krčić), gives tourists unique travel expirience.

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Watch Beautiful Krka Waterfalls in 4K Video

Šibenik-Knin county is one of the most beautiful regions in whole Europe, with two national parks in only 50km range.

Krka national Park and Kornati National Park are part of Šibenik-Knin region, region that leaves visitors from all over the world breathless. Krka Waterfalls become very popular on social media,
especially Skradinski buk, one of the most popular selfie spot’s in Europe.

Watch Krka National Park in 4k:

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