International Medieval Fair in Šibenik


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Photo: Boris Stanić

Every year at September, after a long and hot summer, another interesting manifestation is taking place in the old city center. During three-day period, the city and citizens return to the past medieval times. They are showing their guests the richness of cultural and historical heritage of Šibenik. The International medieval fair is opened by the shot from the cannons facing the sea, as a symbol of defending Šibenik from enemy attacks during the medieval period. The Medieval fair in Šibenik was held for the first time in 2005 and since then it attracts huge number of guests from Croatia and all over the world.

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Photo : Boris Stanić

Citizens wear old traditional clothes, the town is full of knights, jugglers, archers, clowns, singers and dancers. Thare are making performances in different locations, streets and squares of Šibenik. Famous Šibenik actors tell stories about medieval way of life in the noble town that was almost destroyed by plague in 17th century.

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Photo : Boris Stanić

The main event is located next to Šibenik cathedral where artisans present traditional Croatian food, products, souvenirs and old handicrafts. Visiting this manifestation is a special opportunity to taste traditional gastronomic specialties form all over Croatia. Meet rich history of Šibenik and different cultures of our country.

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