The third edition of the gastronomy and hospitality congress “Chefs’ Stage” in Sibenik is approaching, and once again it will bring together international gastronomic leaders: Nicolai Ellitsgaard, Oriol Castro, Adam Meszaros, Adeline Grattard, Soenil Bahadoer and many more have been announced to take part in this unique event.

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Tradition Is Important

The theme of the congress this year is tradition. The event host and a top chef Rudi Stefan explains why is tradition so important in gastronomy.

It is necessary to take two steps back in order to achieve more and then take a step forward. One has to identify themself with traditional local foods if they want to present something new and different to all those who come to Croatia (for the first time) added Rudi.

The Chefs’ Stage kicks off on March 16th. Within the two-day program, visitors will have a chance to enjoy four inspirational masterclasses and six gala dinners, made by world’s and national best chefs and served in exclusive and most beautiful locations in Šibenik. 

Meet the World Class Talents 

Nicolai Ellitsgaard s the chef at the recently opened Norwegian Restaurant Under, the largest undersea restaurant in the world, providing an unforgettable experience of premium fresh and locally sourced food 5.5 meters below the surface of the cold North Sea. Nikolai has a strong passion for local foods and ingredients that he carefully procures, some of which he collects in wild Norwegian nature.

Nicolai Ellitsgaard
Nicolai Ellitsgaard

The great chef Oriol Castro baked his craft at the legendary elBulli, a two Michelin star restaurant and an institution that laid the foundations for today’s notion of gastronomy. In his rich career he was helped by the fact that he embarked on his gastronomic journey as a pastry chef.

Oriol Castro
Oriol Castro

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The Hungarian chef Ádám Mészáros operates the Onyx restaurant in the heart of Budapest, which under his leadership has become the first two Michelin star Hungarian restaurant. Onyx has created two menus of 6 sequences. The ‘Within Our Borders’ menu emphasizes the highest quality home-cooked ingredients, while the ‘Beyond Our Borders’ menu explores the chef’s creativity and imagination.

Ádám Mészáros
Ádám Mészáros

Adeline Grattard is the chef and co-owner of a small Michelin-starred fine dining Yam’Tcha restaurant in Paris, where she prepares French seasonal ingredients using Chinese techniques. At the beginning of her career, she worked at the famous Parisian restaurant Astrannce, and then studied Chinese cuisine firsthand for two years, working at a restaurant in Hong Kong.

Adeline Grattard
Adeline Grattard

Chef Soenil Bahadoer, originally from Suriname, has been living in the Netherlands since he was seven years old. In 1995 he opened Restaurant De Lindehof, where his cuisine captivates the traditional suriname flavors and dishes he recreated from his mother’s cuisine. Since 2014 the restaurant has 2 Michelin stars.

Soenil Bahadoer Chef's Stage Sibenik
Soenil Bahadoer

Chefs’ Stage will feature many other world-renowned gastronomic names, including Brad Kilgore, Santiago Torrijos, Angelo Sabatelli, Sakai Fumiko, Salvatore La Ragione, Adrian Hadean, Vinesh Johny, Rene Frank, Oriol Castro, Willem Schaafsma. Tomaz Kavcic, Mojmir Siftar, Jure Debeluh, Tanja Pintaric, Leon Pintaric, Vanja Pushkar, Igor Belosevic and Toni Marinkovic.

Best National Chefs

Croatian chefs will have their top representatives among the talents who will step on the Šibenik gastro stage. Among them are Ante Bozikov (Abbot), Ante Udovicic (Lemongarden), Damir Tomljanovic, David Skoko (Batelina), Hrvoje Kroflin (Mano 2), Hrvoje Zirojevic (Laganini), Igor Gudac (Moro), Ivan Erak (Hotel Palace) , Ivan Marelic (Tavern Maha) Ivan Pazanin (Storia), Jurica Jantolek (Under the Wall), Marijo Jurjevic (LD Korcula), Marin Medak (RougeMarin), Marin Rendic (Appetite), Marina Gashi (Marina), Mario Mihelj (El Toro) ), Marko Gajski (Dimitri Palace – LD Restaurant), Marko Palfi (Kitchen), Mate Janković, Robert Hromalić (Le Kolač), Saša Began (Foša), Steven Vunić (Zijavica), Tea Mamut (O’š Kolač), Tome Računica (Cantinetta) and Vjeko Bašić (Boba).

Supporting Young Talents

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Two gala dinners will take place at Pelegrini Restaurant with a stunning view of Sibenik Cathedral, while all the proceeds will go to the Budi Foodie Foundation which educates talented young people at prominent international culinary institutes.  

Get your tickets

Gastronomic professionals and culinary arts enthusiasts can purchase their tickets on the Chefs’ Stage website, and all additional information is available on the congress official website as well as on Facebook and Instagram where program-related news is published daily.