Unique International Children’s Festival in Šibenik


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Did you know that Šibenik is also known as the city of children?

The reason is International Children’s festival, the world’s unique and recognized Croatian cultural event.

The festival was held for the first time in 1958 as a realization of the initiative and engagement of a few children’s art lovers, but very soon it grew into a large and complex festival of international significance.

It is held every year in June and July and it lasts for two weeks. The concept and humanitarian goals of the Festival have full support from UNICEF and UNESCO and the festival is a member of the International Festival Association – UNIMA and ASSITEJ.

13427891 518383735001286 4295818444749475184 nFestival celebrates children’s creativity and imagination.

It is based on three inseparable components: children, festival events and the town. The festival initiates and inspires many ideas in various forms of art for children and children’s creativity: drama, music, film, scene, puppetry etc.

The International Children’s festival has three basic contents: a festival of domestic and international children’s ensembles, the workshop program directly involving children in the act of creation, and the educational part where a symposium addresses issues such as aesthetic education of children.

During these two weeks the whole city is decorated with children artwork. A recognizable symbol of the festival surly are self-portraits hanging in old city streets, drawn and signed by children from Šibenik kindergartens.

22552441 748822928624031 7316576309298622786 nThe summer stage where performances, concerts and other manifestations take place is situated on the main cathedral square in front of the city hall – the most beautiful and representative part of the old city center.

Thousands local and foreign little performers walked on this stage and numerous tourists visited Šibenik to enjoy a positive atmosphere provided by the festival during this period.

The town gets completely different dimensions and it becomes a gathering place for big and little ones streaming to the same goal – to have fun. So, it makes Šibenik a perfect destination for those who never forget their playful side. Join us this year from June 16th to June 30th!

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