Facts About Šibenik You Need to Know


We bring you some facts about Šibenik, our beautiful and unique gem. Buckle up.

First street lighting in the world

Šibenik is now known as the first city in the world whose street lights were powered by a polyphasic system of alternating current.

photo visit šibenik
Šibenik / Visit Šibenik

World’s Second Oldest Hydroelectric Power Plant Jaruga was built in Šibenik.

The construction of Jaruga power plant started in 1894 and lasted over a year. Jaruga plant supplied enough electricity to power 340 street lights in Šibenik.


Šibenik is one of the five cities in the world with two Unesco Heritage Sites

Šibenik has two UNESCO Heritage SitesSt. Nicholas Fortress and St. James Cathedral.

Šibenik is on bucket list for arhitecture lovers all over the world along with London, Berlin, Beijing and New Delhi.

Zlatan Softic
St. Nicholas Fortress / Zlatan Softić
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St. James Cathedral / Foto iz zraka

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Did you know that Šibenik is the oldest native Croatian city on the Adriatic?

Šibenik is the oldest native Croatian city on the Adriatic. It is located in the most protected natural harbour. Also, it was first mentioned in 1066.

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Construction of St. James Cathedral lasted 105 years

St. James Cathedral is the only construction built entirely of stone. For instance, it is the only one in the whole of Europe. Construction lasted from 1431 until 1536. I was protected by Unesco in 2000.

eljko željkov 100
St. James Cathedral / Željko Željkov

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Faust Vrančić, most famus Šibenik’s inventor invented parachute

Bishop Faust Vrančić, who invented parachute, was born in Šibenik in 1551. If you are in Šibenik, you should definitely visit Faust Vrancic Memorial Centre on the nearby island of Prvic.

Homo volans / Wikipedia
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Machina nova / Wikipedia

Basketball player Dražen Petrović was born in Šibenik

Dražen Petrović is one of the best European players ever. He was among first European players that played in Nba league. Above all, Dražen left big mark on game of basketball.

sibenik in
Dražen Petrović statue / ŠibenikIn

Šibenik as Braavos in Game of Thrones

Our gem appears as a film location in three episodes of the fifth season of the serial Game of Thrones. For a while, Šibenik become Braavos, the city of the Iron Bank. Without doubt, Šibenik was the richest City in all Seven kingdoms.


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