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Šibenik-Knin county is a county in southern Croatia, located in the north-central part of Dalmatia. The biggest city in the county is Šibenik, which also serves as county seat. This county has a lot of hidden gems, and amazing Dragon eye lake in Rogoznica is one of them.

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Dragon eye Rogoznica / https://loverogoznica.eu/hr/

Lake Dragon eye is located in Rogoznica, part of Šibenik-Knin county. Šibenik-Knin county is one of the most beautiful counties in Croatia, with amazing nature, two National parks, great fortresses, beautiful islands and many hidden gems.

Dragon eye lake is considered to be a natural bioreactor with biochemical processes taking place there. Irregular in shape, measuring approximately 10,000 m², the lake is surrounded with vertical cliffs 4 to 24 meters above sea level. The bottom of the lake is sediment with a maximum depth of 15 meters near the middle of the lake.

What makes it so unusual is its base of hydrogen sulphide. Although it’s safe to swim here, the water gets hotter the deeper you dive. On occasion the lake ‘boils’ as the salts and hot water bubble to the surface.

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