Daily Mail about Bavljenac: The incredible uninhabited Croatian island that looks like a giant fingerprint


British Daily Mail is amazed with Croatian islands. Especially the island near Kaprije, Bavljenac. Bavljenac gain it world fame as fingerprint island. Here is what Daily Mail said about Bavljenac:

It’s called Bavljenac, with the fingerprint effect created by a network of old stone walls and a distinctive oval shape, as a Google Earth picture shows. 

Bavljenac’s fingerprint effect is created by a network of old stone walls and, as this Google Earth picture shows, a distinctive oval shape Bavljenac, also known as Baljenac, is uninhabited and covers an area of 0.14 square km. The stone walls, if joined together, would run for 23km (14 miles).

According to the Croatian National Tourist Board, the island – found in the Adriatic Sea – was used for agriculture by farmers on neighbouring Kaprije island.   

They cleared Bavljenac’s ‘harsh vegetation’ to make room for fig and citrus trees, as well as grapevines, building a web of stone walls to protect the crops from the wind, and to divide up the plots.

These waist-high stone walls – dating back to the 1800s – were created using a technique known as ‘dry stone walling’, which involves carefully stacking and interlocking rocks. 

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Bavljenac is one of 249 islands in the Šibenik archipelago. Those who wish to visit can take a boat tour around the island. However, these tours cannot dock on the island as there is no pier or harbor.

While the fruit trees are no more, the stone walls remain and have been protected since 2018 as part of the Unesco List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The tourist board says: ‘They [the walls] are a witness to the times when hard work, tenacity and resilience were key to taming the harsh, yet stunning, karst landscape of the Adriatic coast. 

The fingerprint-shaped island’s nearest hub is Sibenik (pictured above), a historic city in central Dalmatia 

Bavljenac’s nearest hub is Sibenik, a historic city in central Dalmatia, with the island one of 249 in the Sibenik archipelago.

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