One of the most important and popular portals in Germany, Bild.de, has published an extensive report on winter camping in Croatia, reported Romeo Draghicchio, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) representative office in Germany.

The author of the report is journalist Helene Schmidt, who spent almost two months with her camping vehicle in winter camping in Croatia with the aim of popularizing this form of vacation during the winter months, but also with the aim of further positioning Croatia as a year-round destination. Schmidt stayed in various Croatian destinations from mid-November to mid-January, during two months she visited destinations from Istria to Dubrovnik and from Lika to Zagreb. This period served as the inspiration for the report “Nine reasons for winter camping in Croatia” (“Neun Gründe für Wintercamping in Kroatien”).

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As the first reason for visiting Croatia, she cites the health aspect, with the island of Lošinj as an ideal destination for all who have respiratory problems. Another reason is the winter climate, which she described as very mild, but also as one that may have surprises in the form of strong gusts of wind. The third reason is the absence of crowds in the winter and lower prices, while the fourth reason is based on the previous one and refers to the absence of crowds on ferries, museums and all other attractions. The fifth and very important reason is the hospitality of the hosts, the sixth reason refers to the rich sports offer and infrastructure in the form of bicycle, hiking and mountaineering trails, while in seventh place is always an important motive for travel – gastronomy. The list concludes with an attractive and high-quality wellness offer, ie skiing in ninth place as one of the unexplored motives for the arrival of even more Germans in Croatia.

“This is an excellent and very valuable report on the Croatian camping segment because it was published on the Bild.de portal, one of the most read portals in Germany, which boasts over 30 million unique users. In addition to nine motives and reasons for a winter visit to Croatia, the journalist also cites various examples of how to spend winter holidays in Croatian destinations, and lists 20 attractive camps from all over Croatia that are open to guests in winter,” said Draghicchio, adding that this is a trip organized by the CNTB in cooperation with partners, ie the Croatian Camping Association and with the great support of the system of tourist boards in the country.

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