Šibenik area is well known for its beautiful beaches and many hidden places that will definitely leave you speechless. If you are planning to visit Šibenik area any time soon, here is our recommendation for best beaches in Šibenik area.

Beach BanjŠibenik

Beach Banj is located only ten minutes walk from Šibenik center old town and St. James Cathedral. Banj is renovated in 2012. and became very popular among visitors. Banj has a unique view to the Šibenik old town along Unesco protected St. James cathedral and St. Michael Fortress. Beach has a bar, restaurant, playground and other facilities.

Credit: Visit Šibenik

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Rezalište beach Brodarica

Beach Rezalište is only 10 minutes drive from center of Šibenik. It is located in Brodarica. Rezalište was restored in 2017. and equipped with numerous amenities for children and all lovers of outdoor sports activities. Importantly, Rezalište has a big parking lot only 10 metars from the beach so it is a perfect beach for whole family relaxation.

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Beach Rezalište / Zlatan Softic
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Bech Rezalište / Zlatan Softic

Jadrija beachŠibenik

Beach Jadrija is the most popular beach among the locals. It was built in 1921. and since then it is a favorite summer place for locals. It is unique for its recognizable cabins with different colors. Jadrija is 15km driving from Šibenik if you are taking the car or bus, but we recommend drive with boat from Sibenik. It’s cheaper and you have a chance to see beautiful Šibenik from the sea, sail through St. Anthony channel, and see the St. Nicholas Fortress from the boat.

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Beach Jadrija / Credit: Zlatan Softić

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Slanica beach – Murter

Beach Slanica is located on island Murter only 34 km from Šibenik. It is very popular sandy beach, especially for families. Definitely, the best time to visit Slanica is in June and September because July and August are often very crowded. Clear sea and sand are the main reasons you should visit this beach and enjoy with your friends and family.

Beach Slanica / Murter / Credit: Foto iz zraka

Velika Raduča beach – Primošten

Velika Raduča beach is the largest beach in Primošten. Importantly, Raduča is only 35 km drive from Šibenik. Beach is located only 200m from center of Primošten.

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Kosirina Beach – Murter

Beach Kosirina is another stunning beach located on Island Murter, without of doubt, one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia. Importantly, Kosirina is only 5 min. drive from center of Murter, also only 25 min. drive from Šibenik. Beach is suitable for children and very interesting for divers. Camp is located in the bay, along with two beach bars. Definitely, place to see.

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Kosirina beach / Zlatan Softić

Srima Beach

Beach is located in the centre of the same-named village, and it flies the Blue Flag. It is completely adapted for people with disabilities, along with lifeguard service. Srima is only 5 min. drive from Vodice, also 15min. drive from Šibenik.

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Srima beach / Zlatan Softić

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Solaris BeachAmadria Park

Beach Solaris is located in Amadria Park, only 6km from Šibenik center. Amazing sandy beach is ideal for relaxing and lounging all day long in the shade next to a turquoise sea.

Apart from being the bearer of the Blue Flag, the international ecological brand for top quality sea, the sand beach has been proclaimed several times the most beautiful beach in Croatia.

Inst image 92
Amadria Park / Zlatan Softić

Strunac Beach – Kornati National Park

Beach Strunac is located in the very heart of Kornati archipelago, the uninhabited island of Žut. If you want to return to nature and have a peaceful, relaxing vacation, definitely visit Strunac bay.

Finally, this is just a sneak peek of what Šibenik area has to offer so we could go on and on, because Šibenik area is field with stunning beaches and beautiful coves. Visit Šibenik area and make your vacation unforgettable.