Amazing Fingerprint Island Baljenac in Šibenik Archipelago


Šibenik-Knin county is full of beautiful landscapes, many historical monuments, great fortresses, and astonishing nature. One of many hidden gems is Fingerprint Island Baljenac.

Island Baljenac in Šibenik archipelago looks similar to a giant fingerprint when you look from above. Baljenac is located near Island Kaprije. Low walls throughout the island give the appearance of a fingerprint’s tiny ridges. Even the oval shape of Baljenac adds to the finger comparison. Of the 0.14 square km (1,506,947.4583 square ft) island, 23 km (75459.31759 ft) length of walls weave through the area. In total, Baljenac is only half a kilometer long and is completely uninhabited.

These construction date back to centuries and were used historically to mark boundaries between adjacent agricultural lands. The walls are built without mortar to hold the stones together. Instead, builders carefully select stones and stack them snug together like puzzle pieces.

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