Celebrating Šibenik region – Like Šibenik’s Mission

Like Šibenik is a destination tourist site which has done enough (and continues to do so) for its members’ beloved city to be considered one of the major contributors towards the lovely city’s global popularity today.

Their mission is simple: connecting the whole of Šibenik – as well as the Šibenik-Knin county at large – in a way in which visitors can enjoy a comprehensive holiday as exhilaratingly as possible.

Such an effort aims to streamline all of the area’s islands, national parks, major cities such as Knin and Drniš – as well as some of the lesser-known potential tourist attractions – into one concise and marvellous tourism experience. All of these locations will be connected to the current tourist hotspot of Šibenik, allowing it to become an entry-point for the journey at large.

St. Jacob cathedral šibenik